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Christopher Knight Home latest Purvis + Max 49% OFF Desk Black Natural

Christopher Knight Home Purvis Desk, Black + Natural


Christopher Knight Home Purvis Desk, Black + Natural

Product description

Offer your interior space a quaint work station that offers both style and organization as you write. Created for both functionality and impeccable style, our refined writing desk will not only provide a compact work area but will also open up your interior space with its precise style. With a rich acacia wood top, a stylish hutch, and sturdy iron frame this handcrafted writing desk offers a sleek modern industrial design that will transform any room into one worthy of the most sophisticated.

  • Modern Industrial Design
  • Durable Acacia Wood Top
  • Durable Iron Frame
  • Storage Space
  • 32.00” W x 22.00” D x 34.50” H
  • Christopher Knight Home Purvis Desk, Black + Natural

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