/chattelhood6015622.html,Fl,Broken,for,Kitchen,svensktralackering.se,$72,Mats,House,Webs,Black,Floor,Spiders,and,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,of /chattelhood6015622.html,Fl,Broken,for,Kitchen,svensktralackering.se,$72,Mats,House,Webs,Black,Floor,Spiders,and,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,of Black Spiders and unisex Broken Webs Floor Fl Mats of Kitchen for House $72 Black Spiders and Broken Webs Floor Mats for House of Kitchen Fl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Black Spiders and unisex Broken Webs Floor Fl Mats of Kitchen for House $72 Black Spiders and Broken Webs Floor Mats for House of Kitchen Fl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Black Spiders and unisex Broken Webs 1 year warranty Floor Fl Mats of Kitchen for House

Black Spiders and Broken Webs Floor Mats for House of Kitchen Fl


Black Spiders and Broken Webs Floor Mats for House of Kitchen Fl

Product description

Name: Black Edging Carpet
Size: 10x3.3 Feet/114x39 Inches
Material (Top): Polyester Fiber
Material (Bottom): Dotted Rubber Plastic + Oxford Cloth.
Easy To Vacuum, Very Suitable For Any Room and Decoration.
Super Soft and Feels Great.
Photo Collage Printing In Full Color.
The Color of The Stitched Edges Is White.
Cleaning Method: Machine Wash or Use Low Temperature Drying. or You Can Use a Vacuum Cleaner For Cleaning.
Applicable Scene:
When Used As a Sofa Rug, The Softness Is Just Enough To Be Comfortable, and It Is Very Friendly To Bare Feet and Pet Paws!
When Used As a Kitchen Carpet, You Can Place The Carpet At The Foot of The Sink To Absorb Splashed Water and Oil During Cooking.

Black Spiders and Broken Webs Floor Mats for House of Kitchen Fl

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