$47 iSelek RJ45 8P8C Easy Crimp Tool Set, All-in-one Stripper Cutter Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $47 iSelek RJ45 8P8C Easy Crimp Tool Set, All-in-one Stripper Cutter Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools RJ45,$47,Stripper,Tool,All-in-one,8P8C,iSelek,svensktralackering.se,Set,,Cutter,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Easy,/dali5623810.html,Crimp iSelek RJ45 8P8C Easy Crimp All-in-one Stripper Tool Cutter Set Max 78% OFF RJ45,$47,Stripper,Tool,All-in-one,8P8C,iSelek,svensktralackering.se,Set,,Cutter,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Easy,/dali5623810.html,Crimp iSelek RJ45 8P8C Easy Crimp All-in-one Stripper Tool Cutter Set Max 78% OFF

iSelek RJ45 8P8C Easy Crimp All-in-one Stripper Tool Cutter Ranking TOP8 Set Max 78% OFF

iSelek RJ45 8P8C Easy Crimp Tool Set, All-in-one Stripper Cutter


iSelek RJ45 8P8C Easy Crimp Tool Set, All-in-one Stripper Cutter

Product Description

rj45 crimping for cat5e cat6 utp stp pass through close-end connectors

iSelek RJ45 Network Terminal Crimping Tool

It is a Stripper + Cutter + Crimper in one tool. The tool is easy to strip, trim, crimp. The compact design is easy to handle and carry. This network crimping hand tool is designed for crimping iSelek RJ45 8p8c easy pass through modular connectors and iSelek closed-end connectors. The parallel crimping action distributes the pressure evenly to ensure precise termination. The W Type Blade Guard prevents fingers from slipping in and decreases the risk of injury. The Steel body with black oxide coating for corrosion resistance and light deflection reduces eye injury when the tool is used under direct sunlight.

cat6 c6 utp pass through connector rj45 boot for c6 c5e easy ez pass thru connector network connector c5e cat5e snagless rj45 ethernet network connectro plug unshielded black color rj45 boot for c6 c5e easy ez pass thru connector network connector rj45 boot for c6 c5e easy ez pass thru connector network connector iSelek rj45 strain relief connector boot blue color
iSelek Cat.6 RJ45 Easy Pass Thru Snagless Connector-Black iSelek Cat.6 RJ45 Easy Pass Thru Snagless Connector-Blue iSelek Cat.5e RJ45 Easy Pass Thru Snagless Connector-Black iSelek Cat.5e RJ45 Easy Pass Thru Snagless Connector-Blue iSelek RJ45 Strain Relief Boot for Snagless Connector-Black iSelek RJ45 Strain Relief Boot for Snagless Connector-Blue
Category Cat. 6 Cat. 6 Cat. 5e Cat. 5e
Package 100 Pcs/Bag 100 Pcs/Bag 100 Pcs/Bag 100 Pcs/Bag 100 Pcs/Bag 100 Pcs/Bag
Color Black Blue Black Blue Black Blue

iSelek RJ45 8P8C Easy Crimp Tool Set, All-in-one Stripper Cutter

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