$610 Student Violin Bow Pernambuco Round Cello Bow with Ebony Flower Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Cello,with,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Violin,Bow,/dali5652510.html,$610,Pernambuco,svensktralackering.se,Round,Ebony,Bow,Student,Flower $610 Student Violin Bow Pernambuco Round Cello Bow with Ebony Flower Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Student OFFer Violin Bow Pernambuco Round Flower Cello with Ebony Cello,with,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Violin,Bow,/dali5652510.html,$610,Pernambuco,svensktralackering.se,Round,Ebony,Bow,Student,Flower Student OFFer Violin Bow Pernambuco Round Flower Cello with Ebony

Student OFFer Violin Bow Pernambuco Round sale Flower Cello with Ebony

Student Violin Bow Pernambuco Round Cello Bow with Ebony Flower


Student Violin Bow Pernambuco Round Cello Bow with Ebony Flower

Product description

The consistency of composition guarantees a reliable, bright and melodious sound, and a clear tone, suitable for any type of performance.
Bow Model No.FP994B
Ebony Flower Frog
Cello Bow Weight :61-62gram
Our strict attention to detail means that the components remain sturdy and guaranteed for life.

Student Violin Bow Pernambuco Round Cello Bow with Ebony Flower

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