MTDWEITOO Camo Net Military Max 76% OFF Camouflage Netting Photography for B $165 MTDWEITOO Camo Net Military Camouflage Netting for Photography B Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness MTDWEITOO Camo Net Military Max 76% OFF Camouflage Netting Photography for B $165 MTDWEITOO Camo Net Military Camouflage Netting for Photography B Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness /dali5652810.html,Netting,Camouflage,Net,B,MTDWEITOO,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Camo,,$165,Military,Photography,for /dali5652810.html,Netting,Camouflage,Net,B,MTDWEITOO,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Camo,,$165,Military,Photography,for

MTDWEITOO Camo Net Military Recommended Max 76% OFF Camouflage Netting Photography for B

MTDWEITOO Camo Net Military Camouflage Netting for Photography B


MTDWEITOO Camo Net Military Camouflage Netting for Photography B

Product description

Size:6 x 8 m = 19.6 x 26.2 ft

Camo Net for Hunting Camping Sunshade
The camo netting is an important camouflage obstruction equipment. It is a "protective umbrella" for military equipment, facilities and other targets on the battlefield. Now camouflage net is more and more commonly used in our lives, such as local film and television bases, theme parks, home decoration, military exhibitions, landscaping, photography, bird watching, sunshading and so on.

Lightweight amp; Portable
Light in weight, you can easy to fold this jungle camo netting when not in use, so that convenient for you to carry.

Good Concealment Effect
After treatment, gloss and glare of the military camouflage netting can be eliminated, and the concealment effect can be improved.

Real and Natural Color
The camo mesh net using advanced dyeing technology to make the color more vivid and natural, will not easy to fade, and the camouflage effect is more realistic.

Easy Cutting
Our camouflage net is made of polyester oxford fabric, you can easily cut and connect with strap to achieve the required size.

Packing List
1 x Camouflage Netting

1.Colour can slightly differ from the picture due to screen rendering.
2.The size and weight of the product are measured manually, and there may be some deviation.

MTDWEITOO Camo Net Military Camouflage Netting for Photography B

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