$340 LVQING Foldable Self-Propelled Wheelchairs Portable Lightweight Mobility Daily Living Aids Mobility Aids Equipment $340,LVQING,Wheelchairs,Lightweight,Portable,Self-Propelled,/dali5929510.html,svensktralackering.se,Mobility Daily Living Aids , Mobility Aids Equipment,Foldable LVQING Foldable Free shipping Self-Propelled Portable Wheelchairs Lightweight LVQING Foldable Free shipping Self-Propelled Portable Wheelchairs Lightweight $340,LVQING,Wheelchairs,Lightweight,Portable,Self-Propelled,/dali5929510.html,svensktralackering.se,Mobility Daily Living Aids , Mobility Aids Equipment,Foldable $340 LVQING Foldable Self-Propelled Wheelchairs Portable Lightweight Mobility Daily Living Aids Mobility Aids Equipment

LVQING Foldable Free shipping Self-Propelled Portable Genuine Free Shipping Wheelchairs Lightweight

LVQING Foldable Self-Propelled Wheelchairs Portable Lightweight


LVQING Foldable Self-Propelled Wheelchairs Portable Lightweight

Product description

Size:12 inch rear wheel

Style:8 Inch/12 Inch Back Wheels
1. Wheelchair material: aluminum alloy
2. Tire material: solid PU, shock-absorbing and wear-resistant, 360°million front wheels can be flexibly changed for various road surfaces
3. Aluminum alloy foot pedal: It is welded by a manipulator and has strong load-bearing capacity. The foot pedal can be folded upward.
4. New brake parking system: integrated handbrake, easy to use, fast and safe to travel.

LVQING Foldable Self-Propelled Wheelchairs Portable Lightweight

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