Resin,XNNX,Figurine,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,,-,Garden,with,$30,Powe,/dali5982410.html,Statue,Gnome,Gnome,Solar XNNX Garden Gnome Statue - Resin Powe Figurine Selling rankings Solar with Resin,XNNX,Figurine,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,,-,Garden,with,$30,Powe,/dali5982410.html,Statue,Gnome,Gnome,Solar $30 XNNX Garden Gnome Statue - Resin Gnome Figurine, with Solar Powe Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor XNNX Garden Gnome Statue - Resin Powe Figurine Selling rankings Solar with $30 XNNX Garden Gnome Statue - Resin Gnome Figurine, with Solar Powe Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor

XNNX Garden Wholesale Gnome Statue - Resin Powe Figurine Selling rankings Solar with

XNNX Garden Gnome Statue - Resin Gnome Figurine, with Solar Powe


XNNX Garden Gnome Statue - Resin Gnome Figurine, with Solar Powe

Product description


Product Description:

Gift Giving - Inspired by Scandinavian tale, this adorable Tomte Gnome acts as a wonderful addition to brighten up your backyard, lawn, pond, or pool, or indoor on window sills, countertops or entryways. An ideal gift option for your family and friends for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday and all other occasions

Solar-Powered Illumination - Illuminate your outdoor space at night with its light-up magic orb that emits a warm glow as the sun sets or the surroundings become dark by absorbing sunlight during the day with the quality built-in solar panel.

Easy to Use - Simply press the bottom button and leave it in the ‘on’ position in the daytime. The solar panel will charge within 5-8 hours during the day and light up automatically at night for 8-10 hours.

Weather-Proof - Hand-painted and finished with a UV resistant coating, it can withstand all types of weather conditions with durable, high-grade resin so color fading, rain and frost would not be a concern.


Size: 35x20x16cm

Material: resin

Package content:

1 x statue

XNNX Garden Gnome Statue - Resin Gnome Figurine, with Solar Powe

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