$167 HODELY Three-Layer Double-Armrest Small Wave Wine Bottle Layer 1 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining HODELY Free shipping on posting reviews Three-Layer Double-Armrest Small Wave Wine Bottle Layer 1 Double-Armrest,svensktralackering.se,1,$167,/dali6015910.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Layer,Wave,Wine,Three-Layer,HODELY,Small,Bottle Double-Armrest,svensktralackering.se,1,$167,/dali6015910.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Layer,Wave,Wine,Three-Layer,HODELY,Small,Bottle HODELY Free shipping on posting reviews Three-Layer Double-Armrest Small Wave Wine Bottle Layer 1 $167 HODELY Three-Layer Double-Armrest Small Wave Wine Bottle Layer 1 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

HODELY Free shipping on posting Fees free!! reviews Three-Layer Double-Armrest Small Wave Wine Bottle Layer 1

HODELY Three-Layer Double-Armrest Small Wave Wine Bottle Layer 1


HODELY Three-Layer Double-Armrest Small Wave Wine Bottle Layer 1

Product description

1. Material: Iron amp; MDF
2. Dimension: 45.30" x 33" x 16.54"
3. Net Weight: 42.33 lbs
4. Elevated Wine Bottle Layer: Wine Bottle Layer Up To 11.3inch,Suitable For Wine Glasses Of Various Heights
Package Includes:
1 x Wine Rack Cart
1 x Instruction

HODELY Three-Layer Double-Armrest Small Wave Wine Bottle Layer 1

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