AFYH,Practice,$65,Set,/dang5623966.html,Potable,Roll,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,-,,Up,Dru,Pad,Drum,Drum,Electronic AFYH Electronic Drum Set - Practice Up Potable Pad Roll We OFFer at cheap prices Dru $65 AFYH Electronic Drum Set - Practice Drum Pad Roll Up Potable Dru Musical Instruments Drums Percussion $65 AFYH Electronic Drum Set - Practice Drum Pad Roll Up Potable Dru Musical Instruments Drums Percussion AFYH,Practice,$65,Set,/dang5623966.html,Potable,Roll,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,-,,Up,Dru,Pad,Drum,Drum,Electronic AFYH Electronic Drum Set - Practice Up Potable Pad Roll We OFFer at cheap prices Dru

AFYH Electronic Direct store Drum Set - Practice Up Potable Pad Roll We OFFer at cheap prices Dru

AFYH Electronic Drum Set - Practice Drum Pad Roll Up Potable Dru


AFYH Electronic Drum Set - Practice Drum Pad Roll Up Potable Dru

Product description


A sleek black drum pad made from high-quality, non-toxic silicone rubber with a soft, comfortable surface and high sensitivity。

The Educational drum set covers the needs of beginners learning how to play drums and improve their musical skills。

9 different drum styles, including snare, toms, hi-hat and cymbals, to enhance the musical experience。

A fun variety of programmed digital demo songs to teach children about different musical genres。

Easy to set up and includes a built-in speaker so you and your kids can get tons of good play time anywhere, anytime。

Drum pedals and drum sticks help children learn the mechanics of playing a traditional drum set。

Audio in/out feature with auxiliary capabilities means children can rock out through the built-in speaker or amplify through a larger stereo system。


- External Power Option: USB 5V Power Adapter。

- Weight: 365g。

- Size: 40*25cm

- Material: High-quality Silicone。

In the Box:

1 x Portable Electronic Drum Pad

2 x Drum Sticks

2 x Drum Pedals

1 x USB Power Adapter

1 x USB Power Cable

1 x User Guide

AFYH Electronic Drum Set - Practice Drum Pad Roll Up Potable Dru

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