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Xiweiya Platinum Blonde Bob Synthetic Lace Front Wigs with Light


Xiweiya Platinum Blonde Bob Synthetic Lace Front Wigs with Light

Product description

Color:8T 60

A.Wig Wearing Steps
1.Stretch the hair net with your hands,put it to your neck from your forehead.
2.Put the whipstitch side downwards,pinch the other side with two hands and pull it up until the net has covered your hair.
3.Adjust the whipstitch side to your hairline,set your hair with your own fingers.When it is finished,use hair pins to fix your hair on back,instead of top.
4.It is better that you fix from front,back,left and right sides.
B.Hair Care
The wig also needs care after use.When the wig becomes dry,disheveled or not curly,you can spray wig care solution over the wig 2 to 3 times.Remember to keep the wig off the solution for 15-25cm with small amount when spreying,especially at the center of the wig end.Comb the wig gently from the ends and do up the hair yourself.The inner side may get knotted sometimes,it needs your careful combing with specialized comb.
1.Comb through a handful of hair with your fingers.
2.Gently comb the hair from the end of the wig with special comb.
3.Roll the hair bands in the direction of the end.
4.To prolong the use time,it it better to keep off high heat.
1.All wigs are hand made by professional skilled workers! Our hair are 100% High temperature wire fiber,seems same as real human hair.
2.There is a lightest netting cap,its breathability is very good.
3.The wigs stylish design with natural looking and soft touch. You can wear it to parties or for daily use. No damage to your own hairs!
4.The inner can be adjusted,you can adjust it freely if you like!
5.You can cut or trim to the styles you like.you can use the blower(cold air) or hair stick (better not high temperature)to change the style yourself.
D.Wig Storage: Our advice is to put on a wig stand or mannequin in a cool dry space and store in a hair net and plastic bag

Xiweiya Platinum Blonde Bob Synthetic Lace Front Wigs with Light

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