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Genuine MÜHLE Award-winning store ACCESSORIES White Porcelain Shaving Dish Lathering

MÜHLE ACCESSORIES White Porcelain Lathering Shaving Dish


MÜHLE ACCESSORIES White Porcelain Lathering Shaving Dish

Product description

Pure shaving culture from the Erz Mountains: high-quality brushes and beautifully designed razors have made MÜHLE the world’s leading wet shaving brand over the last decades.

Refined, beautiful and crafted by hand the brand combines traditional craftsmanship with pioneering design selecting only the best materials to create the handles of their brushes and razors.

Fragrant soaps and creams, as well as refined accessories, dishes, mirrors, razors, and travel brushes complete the range.

With exemplary in-house production and designs MÜHLE has developed into one of the world's leading providers of high-quality accessories for wet shaving. We share our delight at this with our partners in the trade and all our customers, each an ambassador for shaving culture in their own way.

From the brand

MÜHLE Hexagon set
MÜHLE Logo over the mountains
MÜHLE Shaving Culture - Craftsmanship from the Ore Mountains. Made in Germany.

Our story

How we got our start?
In 1945, Otto Johannes Müller founds a small business with optimism. Working out of a laundry room, he produces the first brushes and comes up with the MÜHLE logo. Today, the family business in its third generation stands for sustainable products that are created by hand with genuine dedication.
What makes our product unique?
The best materials combined with consistently sustainable business practices - that’s what MÜHLE is all about. We didn't invent shaving. But with our timeless shaving brushes and razors, natural care products and elegant accessories, we have found the muse again - for every new day.
Why we love what we do?
Taking your time, enjoying the peace and quiet for a moment and leaving the hectic pace of the new day outside the bathroom door. That’s shaving culture, as we call it in the Ore Mountains, where the MÜHLE manufactory has been based for the past 75 years.

MÜHLE ACCESSORIES White Porcelain Lathering Shaving Dish

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