Portable Espresso Machine New color Manual Conical Grinder Ceramic Coffee $145 Portable Espresso Machine, Manual Coffee Grinder Conical Ceramic Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Manual,Portable,/enterprise,Coffee,Grinder,Ceramic,Espresso,svensktralackering.se,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Conical,Machine,,$145 $145 Portable Espresso Machine, Manual Coffee Grinder Conical Ceramic Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Portable Espresso Machine New color Manual Conical Grinder Ceramic Coffee Manual,Portable,/enterprise,Coffee,Grinder,Ceramic,Espresso,svensktralackering.se,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Conical,Machine,,$145

Portable Espresso Machine New color Manual Conical Grinder Popular popular Ceramic Coffee

Portable Espresso Machine, Manual Coffee Grinder Conical Ceramic


Portable Espresso Machine, Manual Coffee Grinder Conical Ceramic

Product description

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applicable:1-3 servings,
material:stainless steel+ceramics+PC
Bean storage capacity: 20g
Powder bin capacity: 50g
Product packaging
Manual coffee machine * 1
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Portable Espresso Machine, Manual Coffee Grinder Conical Ceramic

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