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Who Cares I'm Selling Late Anyway Genuine Moods Sign Chang Color Clock Neon Wall

Who Cares I'm Late Anyway Moods Neon Sign Wall Clock Color Chang


Who Cares I'm Late Anyway Moods Neon Sign Wall Clock Color Chang

Product description

The luminescence in the dark design,Multiple Colors Changable, the luminescence in the dark design makes the wall clock readable at night and adds some artistic flavor to your life.

Easy to read with numbers. Easy to install, use hooks to hang the clock in the desired position. Easy to clean, please wipe the clock with a damp cloth, and then it will dry quickly.

Product specifications:

Design: Round wall clock

Material: Acrylic

Movement: Quartz Movement

Battery type: 1 AAA (not included)

The package includes:

1 x LED Luminous Wall Clock

The LED needs to be connected to the power supply, with a power cord of 1.6M, USB plug, with a remote control (light color see remote control)

Who Cares I'm Late Anyway Moods Neon Sign Wall Clock Color Chang

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