Las Vegas Mall Mobili Fiver Set of 4 Iacopo Opaque Wall-Mounted Cube Shelves Mobili,Opaque,Cube,Iacopo,,Shelves,,$73,,Fiver,,Wall-Mounted,Set,of,/flixweed5990188.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,4 $73 Mobili Fiver, Set of 4 Wall-Mounted Cube Shelves, Iacopo, Opaque Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Las Vegas Mall Mobili Fiver Set of 4 Iacopo Opaque Wall-Mounted Cube Shelves $73 Mobili Fiver, Set of 4 Wall-Mounted Cube Shelves, Iacopo, Opaque Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Mobili,Opaque,Cube,Iacopo,,Shelves,,$73,,Fiver,,Wall-Mounted,Set,of,/flixweed5990188.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,4

Las Vegas Mall Mobili Fiver Set Finally resale start of 4 Iacopo Opaque Wall-Mounted Cube Shelves

Mobili Fiver, Set of 4 Wall-Mounted Cube Shelves, Iacopo, Opaque


Mobili Fiver, Set of 4 Wall-Mounted Cube Shelves, Iacopo, Opaque

Product description

Color:Opaque White

Mobili Fiver, Set of 4 wall-mounted cube shelves, Iacopo, opaque white finish, Made in Italy

  • Style: Modern
  • To assemble: No
  • Use in the home: Interior
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Intended use: Kitchen and living room
  • Cleaning: non-abrasive liquid detergents
  • Product type: Cube Shelves
  • Instructions and hardware: Included
  • Main Material: Structure in high quality melamine

Set of 4 rectangular wall-mounted cube shelves with opaque white finish. The shelf surface is smoothThe Iacopo wall-mounted Cube shelves are definitely what you were looking for! With the Iacopo wall-mounted Cube shelves, you will have the opportunity to enjoy yourself creating different, original compositions, according to the type of wall and the object that you wish to display and put inside the compartments. You can hang the shelves either vertically or horizontally and by playing around with their arrangement, you will be able to give your room a new look in very few steps! In fact, the fixing system is very simple and it has an invisible suspended shelf support system: in the package, there is a cardboard template to help you hang the shelves properly. We are sure that you will also like all the rest of the Iacopo collection: come and discover it in our store.

Mobili Fiver, Set of 4 Wall-Mounted Cube Shelves, Iacopo, Opaque

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