$25 Qilmy Wrap Bath Towels Set for Women 3PCS,Colorful Flower Art Do Beauty Personal Care Hair Care svensktralackering.se,Towels,Art,3PCS,Colorful,Set,Bath,for,Wrap,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Flower,$25,Do,Women,/gelable5255594.html,Qilmy svensktralackering.se,Towels,Art,3PCS,Colorful,Set,Bath,for,Wrap,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Flower,$25,Do,Women,/gelable5255594.html,Qilmy $25 Qilmy Wrap Bath Towels Set for Women 3PCS,Colorful Flower Art Do Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Qilmy Wrap Bath Towels Set for Do Women Colorful Art 3PCS Great interest Flower Qilmy Wrap Bath Towels Set for Do Women Colorful Art 3PCS Great interest Flower

Max 48% OFF Qilmy Wrap Bath Towels Set for Do Women Colorful Art 3PCS Great interest Flower

Qilmy Wrap Bath Towels Set for Women 3PCS,Colorful Flower Art Do


Qilmy Wrap Bath Towels Set for Women 3PCS,Colorful Flower Art Do

Product description


Bath towel×1 (59×31.1inch)

Hair band×1 (8.6×5.9inch)

Dry hair cap×1 (25.5×9.8inch)


Towel weight 19 OZ. It has the characteristics of super light, high water absorption and softness, so that you can enjoy leisure time comfortably.


✔High-grade coral fleece fabric, light and soft, can absorb water quickly

✔Dual adjustment design of Velcro and four-eye buckle to meet the needs of different body shapes without falling off the body

✔ The elastic buckle design of the hair band and the hair dryer cap can be adjusted naturally according to the hair volume, and quickly absorb the moisture of the hair, so that you can stay away from headaches and keep you healthy.

✔ It can be used for bathing, showering, spa, gym, dormitory, swimming pool, sauna and many occasions. High-end bath towels will bring you a refined life.


Qilmy wrapped towel pattern adopts a unique DIY custom design, which is an upgraded version of the old towel. Not only is the pattern vivid and interesting, it also uses high-grade soft fabrics. The water absorption effect is very fast. It is an excellent for professionals and home users.because it is very suitable for the leisure and vacation life of exquisite and high-end home hotel.

Bath towel (59×31.1inch), Hair band(8.6×5.9inch),Dry hair cap (25.5×9.8inch)

Qilmy Wrap Bath Towels Set for Women 3PCS,Colorful Flower Art Do

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