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Allhero Portable Oklahoma City Mall Battery-Operated USB favorite D Rechargeable Mini Silent

Allhero Portable Battery-Operated USB Rechargeable Mini Silent D


Allhero Portable Battery-Operated USB Rechargeable Mini Silent D

Product description

8-speed intelligent stepless speed regulation, suitable for various wind power needs, one-key rotary adjustment.
5 bionic fan blades cut the air evenly and output a soft wind feeling.
Automatically shake your head left and right + tilt up and down, wide-angle air supply, and share the coolness with people around you.
Built-in 4000mAh high-capacity battery, lasting up to 8 hours. UBS charging supports multiple charging methods.
The working sound runs as low as 27dB, which does not disturb work and sleep.

Allhero Portable Battery-Operated USB Rechargeable Mini Silent D

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