BTASS Long-awaited Professional Rechargeable Cordless Flosser Wi 230ML Water $67 BTASS Professional Rechargeable Cordless 230ML Water Flosser, Wi Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Wi,Cordless,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,Rechargeable,Water,Flosser,,,BTASS,230ML,Professional,$67,/gelable5924594.html Wi,Cordless,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,Rechargeable,Water,Flosser,,,BTASS,230ML,Professional,$67,/gelable5924594.html $67 BTASS Professional Rechargeable Cordless 230ML Water Flosser, Wi Beauty Personal Care Oral Care BTASS Long-awaited Professional Rechargeable Cordless Flosser Wi 230ML Water

BTASS Long-awaited Professional Rechargeable Cordless Flosser Department store Wi 230ML Water

BTASS Professional Rechargeable Cordless 230ML Water Flosser, Wi


BTASS Professional Rechargeable Cordless 230ML Water Flosser, Wi

Product description

Product Name: Portable Tooth Washer
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Life time: 30 days
Charging time: about 4-6 hours after fully charged
Water tank capacity: 230ml
Power mode: electric
Package contains: body/standard nozzle/orthodontic nozzle/periodontal bag nozzle/tongue scraping nozzle/instructions/USB charging cable/waterproof rubber plug

1. Install the nozzle;
2. Add water;
3. Choose mode;
4. Put the chewing gum into the vertical line
5. Gently close the mouth and hold the nozzle to avoid splashing
6. Start to use

BTASS Professional Rechargeable Cordless 230ML Water Flosser, Wi

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