FarrowWrap STRONG Legpiece Tall-Xsmall half - svensktralackering.se,$86,Tall-Xsmall,Legpiece,Health Household , Health Care,FarrowWrap,-,STRONG,/gustily5255960.html FarrowWrap STRONG Legpiece Tall-Xsmall half - $86 FarrowWrap STRONG Legpiece - Tall-Xsmall Health Household Health Care svensktralackering.se,$86,Tall-Xsmall,Legpiece,Health Household , Health Care,FarrowWrap,-,STRONG,/gustily5255960.html $86 FarrowWrap STRONG Legpiece - Tall-Xsmall Health Household Health Care

FarrowWrap STRONG half Legpiece Tall-Xsmall half -

FarrowWrap STRONG Legpiece - Tall-Xsmall


FarrowWrap STRONG Legpiece - Tall-Xsmall

Product description

FarrowWrap STRONG Legpiece is designed to treat moderate to severe swelling from venous, lymphatic, and other swelling disorders. Made from nylon and spandex. Latex free. STRONG garments can be machine washed and dried (no heat).NOTE: This item can be exchanged for size only, if unaltered. No refunds once opened. Easy to apply and remove Can accommodate fluctuations in your swelling Durable and comfortable Illustrated donning instructions included A liner (sold separately) should be worn with this garment

FarrowWrap STRONG Legpiece - Tall-Xsmall

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