$25 DD-214 Alumni Anti-Pilling Throw Blanket Lightweight Soft Flanne Home Kitchen Bedding DD-214 Alumni Anti-Pilling Throw Soft Flanne Lightweight Industry No. 1 Blanket Throw,Soft,/gustily5383560.html,DD-214,Flanne,Alumni,svensktralackering.se,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Blanket,$25,Anti-Pilling,Lightweight $25 DD-214 Alumni Anti-Pilling Throw Blanket Lightweight Soft Flanne Home Kitchen Bedding Throw,Soft,/gustily5383560.html,DD-214,Flanne,Alumni,svensktralackering.se,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Blanket,$25,Anti-Pilling,Lightweight DD-214 Alumni Anti-Pilling Throw Soft Flanne Lightweight Industry No. 1 Blanket

DD-214 Alumni Anti-Pilling Financial sales sale Throw Soft Flanne Lightweight Industry No. 1 Blanket

DD-214 Alumni Anti-Pilling Throw Blanket Lightweight Soft Flanne


DD-214 Alumni Anti-Pilling Throw Blanket Lightweight Soft Flanne

Product description


DD-214 Alumni

Premium Microfiber Fabric

100% microfiber polyester, this flannel fleece blanket features wrinkle resistance and gets softer with each wash. No fading, shedding and pilling issues.

User-Friendly Blanket

Fleece blanket brings you more lightweight and fluffier feeling for all year round usability.

Professional Workmanship

Constructed with a tighter weave, ensures durability and long-lasting service.

DD-214 Alumni Anti-Pilling Throw Blanket Lightweight Soft Flanne

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