Musical Instruments , Microphones Accessories,$1731,Tour,EXMAX,Wireless,Guide,/gustily5924660.html,Translat,Church,,System,EXD-6688,2.4GHZ $1731 EXMAX EXD-6688 2.4GHZ Wireless Tour Guide System Church Translat Musical Instruments Microphones Accessories $1731 EXMAX EXD-6688 2.4GHZ Wireless Tour Guide System Church Translat Musical Instruments Microphones Accessories EXMAX EXD-6688 Super-cheap 2.4GHZ Wireless Tour Guide Translat Church System EXMAX EXD-6688 Super-cheap 2.4GHZ Wireless Tour Guide Translat Church System Musical Instruments , Microphones Accessories,$1731,Tour,EXMAX,Wireless,Guide,/gustily5924660.html,Translat,Church,,System,EXD-6688,2.4GHZ

EXMAX EXD-6688 Super-cheap 2.4GHZ Wireless Tour Guide Translat Church Outlet sale feature System

EXMAX EXD-6688 2.4GHZ Wireless Tour Guide System Church Translat


EXMAX EXD-6688 2.4GHZ Wireless Tour Guide System Church Translat

Product Description

EXMAX EXD-6688 2.4G Hands-free Wireless Audio Voice Transmission Equipment Tour Guide System

Enjoy your travel with EXMAX wireless tour guide system, the tour guide can speak comfortably without shouting or distracting others nearby. Meanwhile, visitors enjoy a better experience—no more confusion or straining to understand.With our lightweight audio guide systems, you can count on crisp, clear sound performance. Overcome noise and distance issues and make sure your message is heard. Popular uses for:factory field trip, a tour guide, an exhibit guide, industrial site field trip, sermon interpretation, work-study programs, international conferences, translation guide, school audio visual laboratory, events for communities, family restaurants,Sale presentations,trade show, corporation event, any group setting...etc.

NOTE: Please DON'T buy many or large quantity sets/units one time if you never operated this system before or don't know what it is for.Strongly advise customers just to buy one set/unit to test this system and completely understand its functions and know its advantages and disadvantages.If you like it after testing, you could buy many sets/units one time. Once a customer bought many sets/units of this system but immediately request returning right after he received the package due to he didn't like it and he realized that it's not what he want. This raised too much costs and waste to the transaction, your kind understanding would be highly appreciated.

The ways of channel setting:

There is a microphone jack in the right side of the transmitter,you can plug in lapel mic or headworn mic,the voice will more clear.Normally,you can speaking into the handheald transmitter without mic.Handheld transmitter has built-in microphone,it's very convenient for conference,presentation,training.

Firstly,Press the Power Switch Button to turn on the transmitter.Then keep pressing both "-" button and "+" button simultaneously until the channel icon on the screen changes from “M” to “ID”,and one digit of channel flashes,release both "-" button and "+" button. Now the transmitter has entered the channel setting mode(The right-most digit of the channel number is flashing),then you can click the "+" button or "-" button to change the channel digit:The channel number can be changed from 0001 to 9999,click the "-" button to choose the location of the digit that you want to change(every click will move from right to left,and it can repeat the move) ,the digit you choose will flash;And then you can click the "+" button to change the digit on the location you chose(it can be changed from 0 to 9).After you have set the channel digit,keep pressing Power Switch Button for about 3-5 seconds until the four-digit channel starts flashing,then release the Power Switch Button.Now the transmitter has entered the wireless channel matching mode,Put the receiver close to transmitter and turn the receiver on, the receiver will pair up with transmitter's channel automatically,and the receivers’ flashing blue light will turn to stable blue light,now the channel matching is finished. Now please click the transmitter’s Power Switch Button again to get normal transmitting mode of transmitter, at this time the LCD screen shows letter "M" and all 4 digits of channel not flashing.Just speak into handheld transmitter and receiver will receive voice.

Use two transmitters at the same time in one team

The EXD-6688 wireless tour guide system allows two transmitters to work at the same time or take turns to work in one team(That means that it allows two persons to speak at the same time or take turns to speak,and all the listeners with receivers can hear).If you need to use two transmitters in one team,when you turn on the transmitters,you have to turn on one transmitter first,and then turn on the other one after the first transmitter is turned on,don’t turn on both of them at the same time.( The first letter is “M” on the display screen of the transmitter turned on first,and the first letter is “S” on the display screen of the transmitter turned on secondly).If the first letter is “M” on the display screen of both transmitters,please turn off one of the transmitters and then turn it on again,otherwise you can hear only one of the transmitters’ voice.



Key features:

  • Mini ear-hook receiver easily hanged on your ear,very hygienic and convenient.
  • All receivers can be turned off by the transmitter.
  • Unified frequency modulation, easy to operate; Just set the transmitter, put receivers close to the transmitter, all the receivers channels will be automatically match the transmitter channel.
  • The transmitter has mute function.If the interpreter sometimes does not want the audience to hear his speech, he can press the mute button and the audience will not hear his speech.
  • 2.4GHz frequency could be used worldwide.Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum to avoid the WIFI interference.Signal is very well received and signal covers a wide range.
  • Hands-free design: Tour guide system transmitter has lanyard and easily hanged on the neck,very hygienic and convenient.
  • Convenient charging,it can charged by a single cable (suitable for tour guides with outbound travel) or charged collectively with a charging case (suitable for business units).

Package Lists:

  • 4x Handheld Transmitters
  • 4x Lapel Microphones amp; Headset Microphones
  • 60x Ear-hook Receivers
  • 4x Lanyards
  • 1x 64-slot Charging Case
  • 1x English User Manual

EXMAX EXD-6688 2.4GHZ Wireless Tour Guide System Church Translat

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