End,Cleveland,AlCrN,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,/hyponastic5623726.html,C76245,Square,Straight,,$76,Carbide,,-,Mill,,svensktralackering.se End,Cleveland,AlCrN,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,/hyponastic5623726.html,C76245,Square,Straight,,$76,Carbide,,-,Mill,,svensktralackering.se Cleveland Las Vegas Mall Square End Mill Straight Carbide - C76245 AlCrN $76 Cleveland Square End Mill, Straight, Carbide, AlCrN - C76245 Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools Cleveland Las Vegas Mall Square End Mill Straight Carbide - C76245 AlCrN $76 Cleveland Square End Mill, Straight, Carbide, AlCrN - C76245 Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools

Cleveland Las Vegas Mall Square End Mill Straight Carbide - Sales C76245 AlCrN

Cleveland Square End Mill, Straight, Carbide, AlCrN - C76245


Cleveland Square End Mill, Straight, Carbide, AlCrN - C76245

Product description

The AlCrN coating on these end mills protects them from wear during dry, high-speed machining applications. It is harder, resists cracking and oxidization better, and performs better in high-feed applications than a TiAlN coating. It also resists high heat better than an AlTiN coating. Finishing end mills create a finer finish on the workpiece than roughing and roughing/finishing end mills. Miniature end mills have a smaller diameter and provide more precision and better control over material removal during detailed milling tasks than standard end mills.,Miniature square end mills have a smaller diameter than standard square end mills, which allows them to provide more precision and better control over material removal during milling tasks. They are suitable for detailed milling applications such as dental milling or small-electronics manufacturing. General purpose end mills are intended for milling a wide variety of common materials but are not suitable for milling hard materials like titanium or gummy materials like aluminum. Carbide end mills provide excellent wear resistance and heat resistance, and they are harder than high-speed steel, cobalt, or powdered-metal end mills. Also called square-nose end mills, square end mills have a square nose and are rotated against a piece of stock to create a flat-bottomed groove with 90 inside corners in milling tasks. They are used for counterboring, side and face milling, and milling square shoulders.

Cleveland Square End Mill, Straight, Carbide, AlCrN - C76245

Wavebuilder Liquid Pomade (Pack of 6)
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A Basic Guide To ASX Trading

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is among the top ten of the world's leading financial market exchanges. It was born out of a merger by the Sydney Futures Exchange and the Australi