$74 LZL Finger Piano Thumb Piano 17 Keys Cat Shape Crystal Clear Acr Musical Instruments Keyboards MIDI Finger,17,LZL,/iodomethane5255663.html,Thumb,Crystal,Keys,svensktralackering.se,Clear,Acr,Shape,Musical Instruments , Keyboards MIDI,Piano,Piano,$74,Cat LZL Finger Piano Thumb 17 Keys Crystal Clear Houston Mall Acr Cat Shape $74 LZL Finger Piano Thumb Piano 17 Keys Cat Shape Crystal Clear Acr Musical Instruments Keyboards MIDI LZL Finger Piano Thumb 17 Keys Crystal Clear Houston Mall Acr Cat Shape Finger,17,LZL,/iodomethane5255663.html,Thumb,Crystal,Keys,svensktralackering.se,Clear,Acr,Shape,Musical Instruments , Keyboards MIDI,Piano,Piano,$74,Cat

LZL Finger Piano Max 74% OFF Thumb 17 Keys Crystal Clear Houston Mall Acr Cat Shape

LZL Finger Piano Thumb Piano 17 Keys Cat Shape Crystal Clear Acr


LZL Finger Piano Thumb Piano 17 Keys Cat Shape Crystal Clear Acr

Product description

Color:17 Key

Thoughtful service Strict product quality assurance and perfect customer service experience, there are any questions in the transaction, and we will reply to you in the first time.
Common problem:
1. About tuning
A: The thumb pianos from the warehouse are all tuned. If your piano sounds are not correct later, you can contact customer service for fine tuning of the tuning video. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.
2. Can people learn without music foundation?
A: The thumb piano is a very simple musical instrument. You only need to pluck the corresponding keys against the numbered musical notation to produce wonderful music. Our official account will regularly update the teaching videos and scores. You can also contact customer service to obtain it.
3.How to maintain the thumb piano?
A: It is recommended to put the piano in a piano bag in dry weather and high temperature; remember not to expose it to the sun; after playing the piano, use a clean piano cloth or cotton towel to clean the sweat and handprints on the keyboard to avoid rust; in humid cities It is recommended to put the piano into the PE plastic tape provided when buying a piano to avoid moisture.

Customer Support:
we highly value customers' satisfaction and tolerate zero quality issue. If you’re not thrilled with its construction or performance,you can always contact us by email and we will give you a satisfactory solution.
Thank you for visiting my store, there will be a lot of products for your reference, logistics, in general, we will ship within 1-3 days, the estimated arrival time is 15-30 days.
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LZL Finger Piano Thumb Piano 17 Keys Cat Shape Crystal Clear Acr

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