New product!! Amer Extended Workstation System Grey AMR1WSL Mount Wall Grey,/iodomethane5255863.html,(AMR1WSL),Amer,System,Workstation,Mount,,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Extended,$165,Wall, Grey,/iodomethane5255863.html,(AMR1WSL),Amer,System,Workstation,Mount,,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Extended,$165,Wall, $165 Amer Extended Workstation System Wall Mount, Grey (AMR1WSL) Electronics Computers Accessories New product!! Amer Extended Workstation System Grey AMR1WSL Mount Wall $165 Amer Extended Workstation System Wall Mount, Grey (AMR1WSL) Electronics Computers Accessories

New product Amer Extended Workstation System Grey AMR1WSL Import Mount Wall

Amer Extended Workstation System Wall Mount, Grey (AMR1WSL)


Amer Extended Workstation System Wall Mount, Grey (AMR1WSL)

Product description

Extended Sit Stand Wall Mounted Workstation System. Features include Tilt,Swivel,Height Adjustment,Inside-Track Cable Magement and a Aluminum/Plastic/Steel body. Keyboard tray supports 5.5lbs. Monitor mount supports 17.6lbs. Foldable keyboard tray.

Amer Extended Workstation System Wall Mount, Grey (AMR1WSL)

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