$106 Ankle Walker Boot Foot and Ankle Stabilizer Walking Boot for Fra Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment $106 Ankle Walker Boot Foot and Ankle Stabilizer Walking Boot for Fra Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Ankle Walker Boot Foot High order and Stabilizer Fra Walking for Stabilizer,svensktralackering.se,and,for,Ankle,Boot,Walker,Fra,/iodomethane5255963.html,Walking,$106,Foot,Ankle,Boot,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment Ankle Walker Boot Foot High order and Stabilizer Fra Walking for Stabilizer,svensktralackering.se,and,for,Ankle,Boot,Walker,Fra,/iodomethane5255963.html,Walking,$106,Foot,Ankle,Boot,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment

Ankle Walker Boot Foot High order and Max 49% OFF Stabilizer Fra Walking for

Ankle Walker Boot Foot and Ankle Stabilizer Walking Boot for Fra


Ankle Walker Boot Foot and Ankle Stabilizer Walking Boot for Fra

Product description


This is an economic and hygienic alternative to the cast when immobilisation is required during the healing period. Perfect and Comfortable Immobilization of the Foot and Ankle, allowing the complete gait thanks to its rocker sole. Designed to provide heat, stability and compression to the ankle and foot. Ideal For Stable Foot and Ankle Fracture, Ankle Surgery, Post Op Care.

Characteristics :
Specification: left right Universal
Color: gray
Material: Composite cloth

Package Included:
1 x Achilles splint

1.Only the above package contents are included and other products are not included.
2.Due to the different displays and different lights, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

Ankle Walker Boot Foot and Ankle Stabilizer Walking Boot for Fra

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