$62 FREEZG - Duvet Covers King Size - 3 Pieces -Yellow Lemon fruit10 Home Kitchen Bedding King,FREEZG,Home Kitchen , Bedding,-Yellow,3,svensktralackering.se,Size,Lemon,-,$62,Covers,Duvet,fruit10,/iodomethane5511663.html,Pieces,- $62 FREEZG - Duvet Covers King Size - 3 Pieces -Yellow Lemon fruit10 Home Kitchen Bedding FREEZG New life - Duvet Covers King Size -Yellow 3 Pieces fruit10 Lemon King,FREEZG,Home Kitchen , Bedding,-Yellow,3,svensktralackering.se,Size,Lemon,-,$62,Covers,Duvet,fruit10,/iodomethane5511663.html,Pieces,- FREEZG New life - Duvet Covers King Size -Yellow 3 Pieces fruit10 Lemon

FREEZG New life - Duvet Covers King Size -Yellow 3 Pieces fruit10 Translated Lemon

FREEZG - Duvet Covers King Size - 3 Pieces -Yellow Lemon fruit10


FREEZG - Duvet Covers King Size - 3 Pieces -Yellow Lemon fruit10

Product description

Size:California King(104''X92'')

? FREEZG - duvet cover set - 3 Pieces (1 Duvet Cover + 2 Pillow Shams)

? Range of sizes:

TWIN:175cm * 230cm(69“ x90”)/ 48x74cm *2(18.9“ x29.1”)
FULL: 200cm * 230cm(78“ x90”)/ 48x74cm *2(18.9“ x29.1”)
QUEEN :230cm * 230cm(90“ x90”)/ 48x74cm *2(18.9“ x29.1”)
KING:230cm * 260cm(90“ x101”)/ 48x90cm *2(18.9“ x35”)
California King:260*240 (104“ x92”)/ 48x90cm *2(18.9“ x35”)

? Unique designs, we offer a wide selection of 3D printed designs, featuring vivid colors that are guaranteed not to fade;

? Reversible, the comforter is reversible so you can easily change your room décor;

? Easy to care for, the bedding is machine-washable and wrinkle resistant;

? Completely transform your bedroom and sleeping experience!

? Notice:
1.Manual measurement 1~5cm error is allowable.
2.Due to the different monitor and light effect, actual color might be slightly different from pictures showed.

FREEZG - Duvet Covers King Size - 3 Pieces -Yellow Lemon fruit10

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