XJJZS Abdominal Wheel NEW before selling ☆ Men and Silent Women Fitness Home Training XJJZS,svensktralackering.se,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Abdominal,Silent,/iodomethane5639563.html,Home,Wheel,$196,Training,Fitness,Men,and,Women $196 XJJZS Abdominal Wheel Men and Women Home Silent Fitness Training Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness XJJZS,svensktralackering.se,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Abdominal,Silent,/iodomethane5639563.html,Home,Wheel,$196,Training,Fitness,Men,and,Women XJJZS Abdominal Wheel NEW before selling ☆ Men and Silent Women Fitness Home Training $196 XJJZS Abdominal Wheel Men and Women Home Silent Fitness Training Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

XJJZS Abdominal Wheel NEW before selling ☆ Men and Nippon regular agency Silent Women Fitness Home Training

XJJZS Abdominal Wheel Men and Women Home Silent Fitness Training


XJJZS Abdominal Wheel Men and Women Home Silent Fitness Training

Product description

Our Ab abdominal exercise rollers are compact and easy to exercise anywhere.
Lightweight and durable.
Exercise your upper body (abdominal muscles / chest / back / shoulders / arms).
Easy to use, simple forward and backward movement, you can use it without complicated learning.
Double sliding wheels to help balance, with foam knee pads.
Product net weight: 4KG
Bearing weight: 200KG
Exercise function: abdomen, waist, hip lift
Main functions: brake, rebound
Main materials: rubber, ABS, spring, steel pipe
Product size: 43 * 22.5 * 17.5CM
Abdominal chakra: full body exercise, shaping a perfect body is not a dream

XJJZS Abdominal Wheel Men and Women Home Silent Fitness Training

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