The Law Commission is the statutory independent body created by the Law Commissions Act 1965 to keep the law of England and Wales under review and to recommend reform where it is needed. The aim of the Commission is to ensure that the law is:

  • fair
  • modern
  • simple
  • cost effective

Latest news

  • Annual report 2020-21 published

    The Law Commission’s Annual Report 2020-21 has been published. This story is also available in Welsh (Mae’r stori hon ar gael yn y Gymraeg hefyd). The annual report highlights the work that the Commission has done over the past twelve months, such as: Agreeing new governance and funding arrangements with the Lord Chancellor and Ministry … Read more >

  • Cyhoeddi Adroddiad Blynyddol 2020-2021

    Mae Adroddiad Blynyddol Comisiwn y Gyfraith 2020-2021 wedi ei chyhoeddi. Mae’r stori hon ar gael yn Saesneg (This story is available in English). Yn yr Adroddiad Blynyddol ceir flas o uchafbwyntiau o waith y Comisiwn dros y deuddeg mis diwethaf, megis: Cytuno ar drefniadau ariannu a llywodraethiant newydd gyda’r Arglwydd Ganghellor a’r Weinyddiaeth Gyfiawnder. Lansio … Read more >

  • Reforms to protect victims of online abuse and safeguard freedom of expression announced

    Law Commission recommends reforms to the communications offences to target serious harms arising from online abuse, while more effectively protecting the right to freedom of expression. A new harm-based offence would ensure only sufficiently harmful communications – which are likely to cause serious distress – are criminalised. The recommendations include a number of new offences, … Read more >

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  • Law Commission publishes Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

    The Law Commission has published its 2021-22 Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. The strategy outlines initiatives already undertaken and focuses on actions we wish to take in the future to ensure we champion inclusivity and respect . The Law Commission’s role is to recommend reforms to the law across a broad range of issues. These currently … Read more >

  • Law Commission seek views on corporate criminal liability

    The Law Commission is seeking views on whether, and how, the law relating to corporate criminal liability can be improved so that they appropriately capture and punish criminal offences committed by corporations, and their directors or senior management. In the year to September 2020, there were over 5,000 convictions of “non-natural persons” which includes companies, … Read more >