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Mandala Shower Cheap We OFFer at cheap prices Curtain Floral with Vibrant Motif Colors

Mandala Shower Curtain, Floral Mandala Motif with Vibrant Colors


Mandala Shower Curtain, Floral Mandala Motif with Vibrant Colors

Product description

Shower curtain for bathroom, polyester shower curtain sets, waterproof heavy weighted bathroom curtains.


Made of water-repellent quick-drying polyester fabric, this high-quality curtain hangs gracefully from top to bottom, while its stylish pattern invokes inspiration and coordinates effortlessly with surrounding decor. Feels soft and comfortable. Your home will be clean and fresh with this waterproof shower curtain set. The Shower Curtain is non-toxic, no chlorine, eco, friendly, good and safe for your family.


* 100% Polyester fabric, machine washable.
* Measurements: 72’’W x 72’’L; 1.27 lb weights.
* Easy to install. 12 reinforced buttonholes accommodate hooks for easy hanging. Delivers consistently reliable performance against the elements of even the busiest bath.

??Classic and simple design:

The premium quality will will keep your curtain looking clean and fresh longer. Modern, color design, looks simple and stylish. Classic pattern and lovely color make your bathroom fabulous. Beautifies your home decor. Brings you a brilliant home and a bright mood.

??Easy to care:

This shower curtain is machine washable and dry. Built-in stainless steel ring holes make installation easy (rings included).

Mandala Shower Curtain, Floral Mandala Motif with Vibrant Colors

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