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Mellow Roxbury-Metal Platform Max 55% OFF Ranking TOP6 Bed Headboar Built-in with Slats

Mellow Roxbury-Metal Platform Bed with Built-in Slats Headboar


Mellow Roxbury-Metal Platform Bed with Built-in Slats Headboar

From the manufacturer


Roxbury by Mellow

Mellow's Roxbury easy setup platform bed is an all-in-one mattress support system with built-in steel slats, headboard and footboard. Our patented* bifold assembly will have your bed ready in minutes! It’s a portable design that’s as easy to disassemble for the convenience of our urban dwellers, frequent movers and those who often have overnight guests. 100% steel construction provides strength and durability, no box spring required.

*U.S. Pat. No. 9,907,405



Mellow Roxbury-Metal Platform Bed with Built-in Slats Headboar

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