$46 Pemberly Row Chairside End Table with Shelf- Espresso Wood Finis Home Kitchen Furniture $46 Pemberly Row Chairside End Table with Shelf- Espresso Wood Finis Home Kitchen Furniture Pemberly Max 66% OFF Row Chairside End Table Finis with Shelf- Espresso Wood Finis,with,Wood,Shelf-,$46,svensktralackering.se,Home Kitchen , Furniture,End,Table,Chairside,Espresso,Pemberly,Row,/kedgeree6015843.html Pemberly Max 66% OFF Row Chairside End Table Finis with Shelf- Espresso Wood Finis,with,Wood,Shelf-,$46,svensktralackering.se,Home Kitchen , Furniture,End,Table,Chairside,Espresso,Pemberly,Row,/kedgeree6015843.html

Pemberly Max 66% OFF Row Under blast sales Chairside End Table Finis with Shelf- Espresso Wood

Pemberly Row Chairside End Table with Shelf- Espresso Wood Finis


Pemberly Row Chairside End Table with Shelf- Espresso Wood Finis

Product description

The Chairside End Table with Shelf by Pemberly Row is a simple, timeless piece that is sure to complement any furniture collection. Available in multiple finishes, this table features a slim yet spacious chairside design. Two tiers of open shelving give plenty of space for your entertainment or storage needs. Built to last, this fixture is crafted from MDF and is easy to assemble. Add an end table to each side of your sofa to complete your stylish family or living room space.

Features :

Part of the Pemberly Row Collection
Available in Multiple Finishes
Two Tiers of Shelving
Crafted from MDF
(L) 23.75 in. x (W) 12 in. x (H) 23.75 in.
Beautiful Espresso wood finish.

Specifications :

Product Dimensions : (L) 23.75 in. x (W) 12 in. x (H) 23.75 in.
Description_fr : pLa table d'extrémité Oxford Chairside End Table with Shelf de Convenience Concepts est une pièce simple et intemporelle qui est sûre de compléter toute collection de meubles. Disponible en plusieurs finitions, cette table présente un design de côté de chaise mince mais spacieux. Deux niveaux d'étagères ouvertes offrent beaucoup d'espace pour vos besoins de divertissement ou de stockage. Construit pour durer, ce meuble est fabriqué en MDF et est facile à assembler. Ajoutez une table d'appoint de chaque côté de votre canapé pour compléter votre espace familial ou salon élégant. Achetez des pièces coordonnées de la collection Oxford de Convenience Concepts ; chacune est vendue séparément./pbr /bCaractéristiques : /bulliPartie de la collection Oxford/liliDisponible en plusieurs finitions/liliDeux niveaux d'étagères/liliFabriqué en MDF/lili(L) 23.75 po x (W) 12 po x (H) 23,75 po/liliBelle finition de bois Espresso/li

Pemberly Row Chairside End Table with Shelf- Espresso Wood Finis

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