Vintage,Hat,,Rack,Iron,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Style,Tre,10,Hooks,Coat,PCS,Hall,$49,Hook,/leggy5511677.html,Cast 10 PCS Finally resale start Cast Iron Vintage Style Coat Tre Hat Hooks Hall Hook Rack $49 10 PCS Cast Iron Vintage Style Coat Hooks Hat Hook Rack Hall Tre Home Kitchen Storage Organization Vintage,Hat,,Rack,Iron,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Style,Tre,10,Hooks,Coat,PCS,Hall,$49,Hook,/leggy5511677.html,Cast $49 10 PCS Cast Iron Vintage Style Coat Hooks Hat Hook Rack Hall Tre Home Kitchen Storage Organization 10 PCS Finally resale start Cast Iron Vintage Style Coat Tre Hat Hooks Hall Hook Rack

NEW before selling 10 PCS Finally resale start Cast Iron Vintage Style Coat Tre Hat Hooks Hall Hook Rack

10 PCS Cast Iron Vintage Style Coat Hooks Hat Hook Rack Hall Tre


10 PCS Cast Iron Vintage Style Coat Hooks Hat Hook Rack Hall Tre

Product description

2. Material: Heavy durable cast iron design
3. Color: Brown
4. Dimensions: 3 3/4" tall top to bottom, 2" from the wall to the front
5. Weight: 3 oz each

Package Includes:
10 x Hooks(not include the screw)

10 PCS Cast Iron Vintage Style Coat Hooks Hat Hook Rack Hall Tre

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