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JINWEIH At the price Cooking Utensil Soup Memphis Mall Silicone Spoon Kitchen Kitchenware

JINWEIH Cooking Utensil Soup Spoon Kitchen Silicone Kitchenware


JINWEIH Cooking Utensil Soup Spoon Kitchen Silicone Kitchenware

Product description

Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic, Heat-Resistant, Non-Sticky, Durable, Safe and Easy to Clean Kitchen Cookware Products.
the Food-Grade Silicone is One of the Most Eco-Friendly Materials.
the Soft Surfaces Prevent Scratching, Scuffing or Damaging Your Cookwares.
Everyone of Them Has Its Unique Use. It Would Be Your Great Companion in the Kitchen.
Everyone of Them Has Its Unique Use. It Would Be Your Great Companion in the Kitchen.
Material: Silicone
Color: Black
Size: As Shown in the Photo
1 * Silicone Cookware
Light Shooting and Different Display May Cause the Color of the Item in the Picture to Be Slightly Different from the Real Item. the Allowable Measurement Error is +/- 1-3Cm.
Tips for Removing Odor: Put the Product in Salt Water for About Half an Hour, Wash and Dry It, and Then the Odor Disappears

JINWEIH Cooking Utensil Soup Spoon Kitchen Silicone Kitchenware

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