Butter,Yellow,Streaky,/leggy5652677.html,Stripe,Flower,Buttercup,Yellow,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Blossoms,svensktralackering.se,$31,On Direct store Buttercup Yellow Flower Blossoms Streaky Butter Stripe On $31 Buttercup Yellow Flower Blossoms On Butter Yellow Streaky Stripe Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Direct store Buttercup Yellow Flower Blossoms Streaky Butter Stripe On Butter,Yellow,Streaky,/leggy5652677.html,Stripe,Flower,Buttercup,Yellow,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Blossoms,svensktralackering.se,$31,On $31 Buttercup Yellow Flower Blossoms On Butter Yellow Streaky Stripe Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Direct store Fashionable Buttercup Yellow Flower Blossoms Streaky Butter Stripe On

Buttercup Yellow Flower Blossoms On Butter Yellow Streaky Stripe


Buttercup Yellow Flower Blossoms On Butter Yellow Streaky Stripe

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Declutter your space with design. Crafted with 100% eco-friendly bamboo, our serving trays are a versatile accessory--perfect as a coffee table platter, bathroom organizer or plant holder. Featuring a high quality print with a glossy finish, available in three sizes. - Medium (includes cutout handles): 18" x 14" x 1 3/4" (H) - Large (includes cutout handles): 22 1/2" x 17 1/2" x 2" (H) - 100% sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo wood frame - High quality print with glossy finish Keywords: Line, Pattern, Beige. Also called: serving tray, trays

Buttercup Yellow Flower Blossoms On Butter Yellow Streaky Stripe

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