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Function Max 61% Mail order OFF Home 4-Tier Corner Bookshelf Display A-Shaped B

Function Home 4-Tier Corner Bookshelf, A-Shaped Display Corner B


Function Home 4-Tier Corner Bookshelf, A-Shaped Display Corner B

Product Description

Function Home 4-Tier Corner Bookshelf, A-Shaped Display Corner Bookcase,Wood and Metal Etagere Bookcase for Small Space in Rustic Brown

4 tier corner bookshelf

Stylish 4-Tier Corner Bookcase

With a compact and slim design, the corner shelf stand can match perfectly with any decor and become an attractive complement to your home and office space. More than that, this corner bookcase features four fan-shaped shelves that provide ample room for you to store books, exhibits, frame photos, daily accessories and can also be placed in the kitchen to store kitchen supplies or placed in the balcony as a plant stand.

Product Parameters

Overall 14.57"Wx14.57"Dx52.28"H
Material Manufactured Wood
Color White
Product Weight 7.92 lb
Gross weight 9.35 lb
Assembly Required Yes

Function Home 4-Tier Corner Bookshelf, A-Shaped Display Corner B

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