Razor,Electric,Floating,for,Head,Bald,Shaver,Beauty Personal Care , Shave Hair Removal,$32,svensktralackering.se,Men,,Shavers,for,/osteitic5255579.html,5D Electric Shaver ! Super beauty product restock quality top! Razor for Men 5D Floating Bald Head Shavers Electric Shaver ! Super beauty product restock quality top! Razor for Men 5D Floating Bald Head Shavers $32 Electric Shaver Razor for Men, 5D Floating Head Shavers for Bald Beauty Personal Care Shave Hair Removal $32 Electric Shaver Razor for Men, 5D Floating Head Shavers for Bald Beauty Personal Care Shave Hair Removal Razor,Electric,Floating,for,Head,Bald,Shaver,Beauty Personal Care , Shave Hair Removal,$32,svensktralackering.se,Men,,Shavers,for,/osteitic5255579.html,5D

Electric Shaver Super beauty product restock quality top Razor for Men 5D Floating outlet Bald Head Shavers

Electric Shaver Razor for Men, 5D Floating Head Shavers for Bald


Electric Shaver Razor for Men, 5D Floating Head Shavers for Bald

Product description

Product description:
Weight: 570g
Charging time: 1 hour
Use time: 90 minutes
Input: 3.7V 600mA
Output: 3.7V 5W

6 IN 1 Eelctric Shaver Razor amp; Trimmer Sets for Men:

Shaver head can be used for beard amp; bald head.
Facial cleansing brush is for clean.
Nose amp; ear hair trimmer.
Beard Trimmer.
Hair clipper with 3-5-7 mm guide combs.

Rotary body shaver x 1
Precision trimming head x 1
Nose hair trimmer x 1
Shaving head x 1
Facial cleansing brush x 1
Facial massager x 1
Guide comb x 3(3、5、7mm)
Clean brush x 1
Shaver cap x 1
USB cable x 1
User Manual x1

Electric Shaver Razor for Men, 5D Floating Head Shavers for Bald

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