$37 FAMILYDECOR Semi Sheer Window Curtains Light Filtering 2 Panels Home Kitchen Home Décor Products FAMILYDECOR Semi Sheer Window New mail order Curtains Filtering Panels 2 Light svensktralackering.se,Semi,FAMILYDECOR,Light,Sheer,/osteitic5924479.html,$37,Window,Curtains,Filtering,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Panels,2 $37 FAMILYDECOR Semi Sheer Window Curtains Light Filtering 2 Panels Home Kitchen Home Décor Products svensktralackering.se,Semi,FAMILYDECOR,Light,Sheer,/osteitic5924479.html,$37,Window,Curtains,Filtering,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Panels,2 FAMILYDECOR Semi Sheer Window New mail order Curtains Filtering Panels 2 Light

FAMILYDECOR Semi Sheer Window New mail order Curtains Filtering Panels 2 Seasonal Wrap Introduction Light

FAMILYDECOR Semi Sheer Window Curtains Light Filtering 2 Panels


FAMILYDECOR Semi Sheer Window Curtains Light Filtering 2 Panels

Product description



27.5"x39" (70x100 cm) - 2 Panels
40"x63" (100x160 cm) - 2 Panels
40"x84" (100x215 cm) - 2 Panels
52"x52" (135x135 cm) - 2 Panels
52"x63" (135x160 cm) - 2 Panels
52"x72" (135x185 cm) - 2 Panels
52"x84" (135x215 cm) - 2 Panels
52"x90" (135x230 cm) - 2 Panels
52"x96" (135x245 cm) - 2 Panels


Install semi sheer polyester fiber curtains on the windows of the living room, bedroom, study, dining room, office, you can imagine that in a hot afternoon, you are resting or working, the curtains filter the harsh sunlight and the breeze blows through the curtains , The curtains flutter, the air circulates, what a comfortable experience.


Exquisite pattern design, when in use, fully attract your attention.
As a gift for weddings, birthdays, housewarming, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Halloween.
Simple to install and easy to pull.


Please allow a deviation of 1-2cm due to manual measurement.

FAMILYDECOR Semi Sheer Window Curtains Light Filtering 2 Panels

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