Mini,5200,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Circular,WESCO,/overtender5255693.html,4-1/2",,Circular,Saw,,Saw,6.0A,R,Compact,$42 Mini,5200,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Circular,WESCO,/overtender5255693.html,4-1/2",,Circular,Saw,,Saw,6.0A,R,Compact,$42 Mini Circular Saw WESCO 4-1 Compact R 5200 Free shipping / New 2" 6.0A $42 Mini Circular Saw, WESCO 4-1/2" 6.0A Compact Circular Saw 5200 R Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Mini Circular Saw WESCO 4-1 Compact R 5200 Free shipping / New 2" 6.0A $42 Mini Circular Saw, WESCO 4-1/2" 6.0A Compact Circular Saw 5200 R Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Mini Circular Saw WESCO 4-1 Sale price Compact R 5200 Free shipping New 2

Mini Circular Saw, WESCO 4-1/2" 6.0A Compact Circular Saw 5200 R


Mini Circular Saw, WESCO 4-1/2" 6.0A Compact Circular Saw 5200 R

Product Description

WESCO Mini Circular Saw WS3454U


WESCO Mini circular saw is designed with 6.0Amp Pure Copper Motor, 5,200 RPM Speed, Adjustable 90° amp; 45° Bevel Cutting, Light weight One-handed Use, Double Safety Switch and Parallel Guide for More Precise Cutting.

Technical Data

Voltage 120V~60Hz
Rated current 6.0A
No load speed no : 4700/min n: 5200/min
Blade size 4-1/2”
Cutting depth at 90° 1-11/16”
Cutting depth at 45° 1-1/8”
Arbor Size 3/8"
Machine weight 6.09lbs

Mini Circular Saw, WESCO 4-1/2" 6.0A Compact Circular Saw 5200 R

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