Fineline Applicators 2 Pack Max 67% OFF Bottles 1.25-Ou Applicator 18-Gauge Fineline Applicators 2 Pack Max 67% OFF Bottles 1.25-Ou Applicator 18-Gauge Fineline,2/Pack,Applicators,/overtender5503693.html,$42,18-Gauge,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Applicator,,Bottles,,1.25-Ou $42 Fineline Applicators 2/Pack 18-Gauge Applicator Bottles, 1.25-Ou Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Fineline,2/Pack,Applicators,/overtender5503693.html,$42,18-Gauge,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Applicator,,Bottles,,1.25-Ou $42 Fineline Applicators 2/Pack 18-Gauge Applicator Bottles, 1.25-Ou Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Fineline Applicators 2 Pack Max 67% OFF Bottles 1.25-Ou Applicator Complete Free Shipping 18-Gauge

Fineline Applicators 2/Pack 18-Gauge Applicator Bottles, 1.25-Ou


Fineline Applicators 2/Pack 18-Gauge Applicator Bottles, 1.25-Ou

Product description

Color:Тwo Рack

FINELINE APPLICATORS-Applicator Bottles. These empty applicator bottles feature a stainless steel dispensing tip for precise application of a variety of liquid media and the unique Cap/Wire system is non-clogging and air-tight! Use with acrylics; ink; gutta; watercolors; oil paints; silk dyes; stains; henna; water-based glues; glazes; and more (all sold separately). This package contains two 1.25 fl. oz. (37.5 ml) bottles each with an 18 gauge (.8mm) tip. Made in USA.

Fineline Applicators 2/Pack 18-Gauge Applicator Bottles, 1.25-Ou

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