$952 HUIJK Floating Island 3 Layer Floating Pad Water Mat Island Wate Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play HUIJK Floating Island 3 Layer Water Mat Wate Limited Special Price Pad $952 HUIJK Floating Island 3 Layer Floating Pad Water Mat Island Wate Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play Island,Pad,3,svensktralackering.se,HUIJK,Water,$952,Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play,Floating,/overtender5639693.html,Wate,Mat,Island,Floating,Layer HUIJK Floating Island 3 Layer Water Mat Wate Limited Special Price Pad Island,Pad,3,svensktralackering.se,HUIJK,Water,$952,Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play,Floating,/overtender5639693.html,Wate,Mat,Island,Floating,Layer

HUIJK Floating Island 3 Layer Water Mat Wate Limited Special Philadelphia Mall Price Pad

HUIJK Floating Island 3 Layer Floating Pad Water Mat Island Wate


HUIJK Floating Island 3 Layer Floating Pad Water Mat Island Wate

Product description

Large weight capacity up to 889 lbs, suitable for 4 to 6 people
Made of XPE foam, which is odorless, bouncy and safe
Lightweight and portable, easy to carry and store
Bring you comfort and cool on a hot summer day
Roll up for easy carrying and storage, saving your space
Two 4.9' bungee tethers to prevent you and the pad from drifting away
Suitable for people of all ages to enjoy their time
You can use it for water games, swimming pools, parties and vacations
The best gift for parents, children and friends to have fun

Key Features:
Color: Orange+ Black|| Material: XPE Foam|| Overall Size: 12'' x 6'' x 1.5'' (L x W x H)|| Net Weight: 16.5 lbs|| Weight Capacity: 778 to 889 lbs|| Package Includes: || 1 x Floating Water Pad|| 2 x Bungee Tethers||

HUIJK Floating Island 3 Layer Floating Pad Water Mat Island Wate

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