TVs,,Systems,XF228-B1,to,42-Inch,Full-Motion,HD,Pro,Sanus,90-Inch,$405,/overtender5982293.html,Electronics , Television Video In stock Sanus Systems XF228-B1 42-Inch to TVs Full-Motion Pro HD 90-Inch $405 Sanus Systems XF228-B1 42-Inch to 90-Inch TVs HD Pro Full-Motion Electronics Television Video TVs,,Systems,XF228-B1,to,42-Inch,Full-Motion,HD,Pro,Sanus,90-Inch,$405,/overtender5982293.html,Electronics , Television Video $405 Sanus Systems XF228-B1 42-Inch to 90-Inch TVs HD Pro Full-Motion Electronics Television Video In stock Sanus Systems XF228-B1 42-Inch to TVs Full-Motion Pro HD 90-Inch

In stock All items in the store Sanus Systems XF228-B1 42-Inch to TVs Full-Motion Pro HD 90-Inch

Sanus Systems XF228-B1 42-Inch to 90-Inch TVs HD Pro Full-Motion


Sanus Systems XF228-B1 42-Inch to 90-Inch TVs HD Pro Full-Motion

Product description

Sanus systems xf228-b1 42-Inch to 90-Inch TVs HD pro full-motion flat panel mount. Fits 42 to 90 inch flat panel TVs up to 175 pounds

Sanus Systems XF228-B1 42-Inch to 90-Inch TVs HD Pro Full-Motion

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