MOOZICA,8-Note,Drum,,Inch,,Steel,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Mini,/overtender5990093.html,Yoga,Pr,Steel,6,$44,Drum,Tongue MOOZICA,8-Note,Drum,,Inch,,Steel,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Mini,/overtender5990093.html,Yoga,Pr,Steel,6,$44,Drum,Tongue $44 MOOZICA Steel Tongue Drum, 8-Note 6 Inch Mini Steel Drum Yoga Pr Musical Instruments Drums Percussion MOOZICA Steel Tongue Drum 8-Note Pr Inch Yoga High order Mini 6 MOOZICA Steel Tongue Drum 8-Note Pr Inch Yoga High order Mini 6 $44 MOOZICA Steel Tongue Drum, 8-Note 6 Inch Mini Steel Drum Yoga Pr Musical Instruments Drums Percussion

Courier shipping free shipping MOOZICA Steel Tongue Drum 8-Note Pr Inch Yoga High order Mini 6

MOOZICA Steel Tongue Drum, 8-Note 6 Inch Mini Steel Drum Yoga Pr


MOOZICA Steel Tongue Drum, 8-Note 6 Inch Mini Steel Drum Yoga Pr

Product description

Color:Bronze Brown


-- Model:MOOZICA T6-B

-- Material: Special Alloy Steel

-- Tonality: C Key with 8 Note - C,D,E,F,G,A,B,(C)

-- Size:6 inches

-- Net Weight: 680g

-- Package Weight: 1030g

【Package List】

-- MOOZICA T6-B Steel Tongue Drum

-- Professional Hard Case
-- One Set Of Drum Mallets(with mallet stand)

-- Cloth Bag

-- Finger Sleeves

-- Music Book and Learning Instruction


1.Your shopping satisfaction always comes first in MOOZICA Store. If you Meet Any Problem,like OUT OF TONE or else in using the product, please contact us. We're 100% responsible for your purchase.

2. You can play this tongue drum instrument either with the included Drum Mallets or with your fingers.

MOOZICA Steel Tongue Drum, 8-Note 6 Inch Mini Steel Drum Yoga Pr

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