YJINGRUI Lab Vacuum Suction Filter Brinell Funnel Liquid-Liq Rare 50L Filter,50L,svensktralackering.se,Vacuum,Suction,Brinell,Funnel,Liquid-Liq,Lab,/overtender6015893.html,YJINGRUI,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,$1889 YJINGRUI Lab Vacuum Suction Filter Brinell Funnel Liquid-Liq Rare 50L $1889 YJINGRUI Lab Vacuum Suction Filter 50L Brinell Funnel Liquid-Liq Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care $1889 YJINGRUI Lab Vacuum Suction Filter 50L Brinell Funnel Liquid-Liq Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care Filter,50L,svensktralackering.se,Vacuum,Suction,Brinell,Funnel,Liquid-Liq,Lab,/overtender6015893.html,YJINGRUI,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,$1889

YJINGRUI Lab Vacuum Suction Filter San Antonio Mall Brinell Funnel Liquid-Liq Rare 50L

YJINGRUI Lab Vacuum Suction Filter 50L Brinell Funnel Liquid-Liq


YJINGRUI Lab Vacuum Suction Filter 50L Brinell Funnel Liquid-Liq

Product description

YJINGRUI is a manufacturer specialized in machinery products.

Our company adheres to the principle of "customer first, quality first".
We hope you have a good shopping experience.

1. The suction filter bottle is made of GG17 borosilicate glass.
2. Stainless steel Brinell funnel with excellent physical and chemical properties.
3. The lower discharge part is specially designed with a special design of PTFE valve for the glass flange.
4. There is no dead angle in the container, and it can be disassembled to facilitate the discharge of solid materials.
5. Middle composite seal, can stand a variety of solvents.
6. Frame is made of stainless steel, with a brake structure of the universal wheel, easy to move.
7. The structure of the whole machine is scientific and visual, with outstanding features and practical novelty.
8. The vacuum filter is a Derivative product which is on the basis of the single layer glass reactor.
It is mainly used to liquid-liquid extraction, also used to the normal temperature reaction.
We provide one year warranty.
1.Within one year after receiving the product, we will provide professional technical support and free replacements, consumables are not included.
2.Even after the one-year warranty, as long as you buy it in our store, we will provide technical support.
If you have some special requirements, please feel free to contact us.

YJINGRUI Lab Vacuum Suction Filter 50L Brinell Funnel Liquid-Liq

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