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MOMOY Multifunctional Vegetable Chopper, Household Vegetable Sli


MOMOY Multifunctional Vegetable Chopper, Household Vegetable Sli

Product description

We always adhere to the pursuit of products, with the spirit of excellence in every detail.

Karid various styles kitchen utensils amp; gadgets
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It's time to satisfy your daily needs.

THE Karid KITCHENWARE PROVIDES VARIOUS PRACTICAL FUNCTIONS-to complement your lifestyle. This gadget will definitely fill the gaps in your kitchen your kitchen with its practical function.

ENHANCE YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE-We provide all the kitchen daily essentials you need, including various styles of vegetable slicer, ice cream blender, etc! You can brouse from our brand store.

IDEAL SMALL KITCHEN TOOLS-From casual breakfast to exquisite dinner, this multi-functional vegetable slicer can satify your needs quickly and easily.

Material: PP plastic+Stainless Steel
Color: white
Size: 22cm*11cm*10cm/8.7”L*4.3”H*3.9”W
Scope of application: cut vegetables, wash vegetables, fruit storage container
Packing list: vegetable slicer*1, hand guard*1, blade*5, peeler*1.

MOMOY Multifunctional Vegetable Chopper, Household Vegetable Sli

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