Silver,Rings,YUXI8541NO,10,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$37,Set,of,Buckles,Napkin,Hold,Serviette,/research/harvard-programs, $37 YUXI8541NO Silver Napkin Rings Set of 10, Serviette Buckles Hold Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $37 YUXI8541NO Silver Napkin Rings Set of 10, Serviette Buckles Hold Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Silver,Rings,YUXI8541NO,10,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$37,Set,of,Buckles,Napkin,Hold,Serviette,/research/harvard-programs, YUXI8541NO Silver Napkin Baltimore Mall Rings Set Serviette Buckles of Hold 10 YUXI8541NO Silver Napkin Baltimore Mall Rings Set Serviette Buckles of Hold 10

YUXI8541NO Silver Napkin Baltimore Mall Rings Set Serviette Buckles of Selling and selling Hold 10

YUXI8541NO Silver Napkin Rings Set of 10, Serviette Buckles Hold


YUXI8541NO Silver Napkin Rings Set of 10, Serviette Buckles Hold

Product description


Product name:Serviette Buckles
product material:Stainless steel material + alloy
Product Size:1.57in,1.77in
Product package:10 x Napkin Rings.

1.Please check the color and the size of the product before buying
2. Our shop does not include other items except the Serviette Buckles shown in the product photo
3. Please note that due to different monitors, there may be slight color difference, please understand.
4. Due to manual measurement, there will be a small amount of error. Please refer to the actual size. Thank you!
5. You can go to our store to see a variety of styles and types of products and colors
6. Welcome your sharing and feedback, so that we can provide you with better products and services

YUXI8541NO Silver Napkin Rings Set of 10, Serviette Buckles Hold

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