PCS,,Malaysian,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,svensktralackering.se,3,Weave,QAZPL,Loose,Hair,Curly,100%,Hair,,$62,/rootlet5503787.html,Virgin PCS,,Malaysian,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,svensktralackering.se,3,Weave,QAZPL,Loose,Hair,Curly,100%,Hair,,$62,/rootlet5503787.html,Virgin $62 QAZPL Hair Weave 3 PCS, Loose Curly Hair, Malaysian 100% Virgin Beauty Personal Care Hair Care QAZPL Hair Weave 3 Max 73% OFF PCS 100% Malaysian Virgin Curly Loose QAZPL Hair Weave 3 Max 73% OFF PCS 100% Malaysian Virgin Curly Loose $62 QAZPL Hair Weave 3 PCS, Loose Curly Hair, Malaysian 100% Virgin Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

QAZPL Hair Weave 3 Max Fashion 73% OFF PCS 100% Malaysian Virgin Curly Loose

QAZPL Hair Weave 3 PCS, Loose Curly Hair, Malaysian 100% Virgin


QAZPL Hair Weave 3 PCS, Loose Curly Hair, Malaysian 100% Virgin

Product description

Size:12 Inch

Global Delivery dates: about 20-25 days, more than 25 days in some countries/regions.

Product name: wig
Color: 1B Natural Black
Material: 100% virgin human hair (Cut from young girl donor)
Specification: 10-28 inches
Hair style: Loose Curly Hair
Can hair dye or perm: Yes, it's OK
Weight: 100g±5g/bundle

Package content: Hair Weave x 3

Excellent after-sales service: If you have any questions about our products or have any after-sales problems after purchase, please contact us by email, we will reply you within 24 hours and deal with the problem in time.

QAZPL Hair Weave 3 PCS, Loose Curly Hair, Malaysian 100% Virgin

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