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Manual Coffee Grinder, Vintage Style Wooden Hand Grinder Hand Co


Manual Coffee Grinder, Vintage Style Wooden Hand Grinder Hand Co

Product description

Item Type: Coffee Grinder

Material: Iron + Wood + Ceramic
Color: As shown in the picture
Total Height: Approx.24cm /9.4in
Base Size: Approx.11.3x11.4x8.5cm /4.4x4.5x3.3in
Drawer Powder Capacity: 1.8oz
Application: Used to grind coffee
Weight: Approx. 1100g / 38.8oz

1. Before use, the mill must be adjusted to achieve the required powder fineness. Then take out all the nuts and clean them one by one. For coarser powder, turn the plate up, and for finer powder, turn the plate down.
2. After setting, put back the nut and washer in the correct order, and make sure that the adjuster is fully tightened,
3. Add freshly roasted coffee beans to the funnel. Don’t put too many beans
4. Hold the body of the grinder with your left hand. Start turning the wheel clockwise with your right hand, turning the wheel at a fast and consistent speed,
5. Usually it can be completed in 2-3 minutes. After completion, pull out the small drawer and you can see the coffee powder.

Package List:

1 x Steering Wheel

1 x Body

1 x English Manual

1 x Protection Top Device


1. Wood products should not be washed with water.

2. The handle can not be idling or rotating counterclockwise, so as not to damage the grinding core.

3. During the rotation, do not put your fingers on it between the big pear and the small gear, so as not to injure your fingers.

4. Choose different printing fineness according to different instruments, and choose freshly roasted coffee beans.

5. Do not shake the glaze slurry during the grinding process. In order to avoid the coffee powder from leaking into the powder storage.

6. Coffee beans can be ground in 2 times, the first time is coarse, the second time is fine, easy to grind.

Manual Coffee Grinder, Vintage Style Wooden Hand Grinder Hand Co

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