Serial production


Our wood coating is done in 7 flexible production lines at our factory in Koppom, Sweden. We produce both small and large volumes, from 1 running meter to unlimited quantity. We produce advanced customized solutions as well as bulk products.


We streamline our customers order routines with digital order handling. With online access to selected parts of the customers ERP system, we monitor stock balance and order points and then adapt the production and delivery to the customer's needs.


Some of our customers also have their own production lines for industrial wood coating. For these customers, we are an extra resource at production peaks, both longer as well as shorter ones. Also common is that we perform repainting of failed projects from other wood coating industries.


We use well established procedures for arrival and quality control. Before delivery we make a quality classification according to the customers requirements. We are certified by the Norwegian Kledningskontrollen, which is one of the most demanding quality systems for wood products in the world. 


Logistics and security of delivery are becoming increasingly important and therefore we provide our customers with services such as freight handling, customs handling, classification, labelling, packaging and delivery to end customers.

Customer process - serial production



Review together with the customer of quality requirements, classification, type of wood coating and logistics solution.


Definition of product and services;

  • Order Procedures.
  • Arrival control.
  • Quality control.
  • Quality classification.
  • Barcode labelling.
  • Foliation and packaging.
  • Freight- and customs handling.
  • Delivery routines.
  • Signing of agreement.
  • Documentation of routines.
  • Customized price list.
  • Connection to ERP systems.
  • Start of production.
  • Follow-up.